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This Is How Pulsar Star Works:
Break Free Of Cables, Complicated Intallations & Recharging
Place the device
Tap the APP
People will see your offers
Get found around your store
  • Place strategically your Pulsar Star devices around your business. 
  • Think where you have people passing by your business the most, and place your Pulsar Star devices in that direction.
  • The more time they hang around your business, the more notifications and visits to your store you will have.
Break Free Of Cables, Complicated Intallations & Recharging
  • Open your Pulsar Star Admin App. You will find there all your Pulsar Star devices. 
  • Add your offer or message: Your sales coupons, discount offers, special deals, secret sales, or public information.
  • Put your link. (can be any secure site like your web page, Facebook Page, Yelp Page, etc) and just press send. 
Tap the APP to start advertising to people around you!
Now you can change your offer or message anytime you want, as many times as you want.
  • Your offer or message will be updated to your Pulsar Star devices.
  • Simply check that your offers are displaying the way you want, and et voila! 
  • You are advertising your offer or message to everyone around you!
Quick Offer Delivery. Remote Update. 
Advertise Like You Own Every Phone In Your Block
The Nuts & Bolts
Get to know the new technology behind Pulsar Star
  • Pulsar Star is based on IoT (Internet of Things) Technology 
    This technology is based on the interaction of physical devices with Internet. When someone enters the area of a Pulsar Star device a communication occurs between the device and the Android phone, providing a notification in the screen of the passerby.
  • Pulsar Star uses latest Bluetooth Technology. 
    The communication is based on Bluetooth standards and location services. Our devices are based on Low Energy Bluetooth standard, and that's why the batteries can last for years.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the Pulsar Star Device work?
The Pulsar Star Solution broadcasts a notification to Android phones up to 100 yards (90 m) in every direction.
Does this technology work only on Android devices?
Yes, currently only Android phones are able to receive notifications from our devices. Apple devices will not receive any notification. The Android phone market is made up of 60% of smartphones in North America and 85% worldwide. Passersby with Bluetooth and location services on, will receive a notification (70% of Android users have Bluetooth enabled). That means that around 1 out 2 passers by of your business will see the notification if they are around the area of influence of the Pulsar Star if they check their phone while they are in your area of reach. The more time people are in your area of reach, the higher the chances to see the notification.
Does this technology work for Iphone?
No, currently Apple does not take advantage of technology in which Pulsar Star Solution is based on. Maybe in the future Apple will add this feature to their products, but as of today only Android devices (60% of US market) will receive the notifications from your Pulsar Star Devices.
What's the battery life of the Pulsar Star devices?
     Do I have to recharge them frequently?
No, each Pulsar Star device has a specific lifetime duration, measured in months/years. There's no cables or chargers needed. The lifetime of the Pulsar Star devices depends on the device's model. Our standard model, included in all plans, except the Lite/Trial, runs 24/7 for up to 2 years on a single battery. The Pro device can last up to 5 years. No plug or recharging required. Batteries are replaceable. You can meet all the Pulsar Star Devices family here.

 How does the notification display in the phone?
The phone's user will see the notification when he check his messages. Our notification does not cause the phone ring or vibrate.
The notifications are visible in 100 yard radius of the Pulsar Star Device. By making sure to place your Pulsar Star in locations that have high “dwell time” – you make sure to have the maximum reach, to dozens or hundreds of people at a time. The average person checks their phone every 12 minutes – so the longer the dwell time, the greater the exposure to your message with Pulse Star.
 How many characters can I use in the notification?
The notification is a 40-50 character message that links to a website of your choice – Your Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, or your business website (your website needs to be under https , SSL certificate).
 How long does it take to update the messages / offers?
Once you update a message or offer from your Pulsar Star Admin App your new message/offer goes to our servers, where they will be processed in order or reception. The average updating takes a few minutes, but it might delay up to 3 hours, depending on the server's workload.
How can I speak with someone from your sales team?
Our sales team is here to help you anytime. You can use the chat button on the botton right corner or send us an email. We're excited to talk all things about the Pulsar Star with you!

Do people need to download an app to see the notifications?
Not at all! Thanks to our new technology, the users of the phone around the Pulsar Star will see the notification without installing any software or APP. Next time a passerby check the notifications on his phone, they will see yours!
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