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Discover the Pulsar Star Devices Family
We Have A Device For Every Business Use
  • Small Sized - Carry With You A Powerhouse Advertising Tool Wherever You Are. 
    We have created a Pulsar Star device for every daily use so you can Advertise discreetly while you shop, go to the movies, are in your office and even when you sleep!
  • Standard Size - The discreet and convenient tool, to place in your business to get maximum reach around your business area. Professional Grade Design and durability.
  • Scroll down to meet our Pulsar Star Family Devices:
Pulsar Star Solution
Pulsar Star Lite
A Small Credit Card Size Device To Carry With You At All Times
  • The Most Convenient & Portable Pulsar Star Device
  • You Can Keep It In Your Wallet And Advertise Your Business Wherever You Go!
  • Battery Life Up To 3 Years (No Replaceable)
  • Size: Length: 54mm, Width: 86mm, Height: 6mm
  • Reach Up To 114 Foot / 35m
Pulsar Star ST
Pulsar Star ST
A Great Device For Busy Streets
By Your Shop & Business
  • Battery Life is Up to 5 years. 
  • Powered by 4 x AA batteries. No Cables Needed.
  • Length: 64.0 mm, Width: 64.0 mm, Height: 23.5 mm
  • Dual-Antenna, Reach Up To 262 foot / 80m
  • Professional Grade: Dust-proof & Anti-vibration
Pulsar Star Pro
Our Toughest Pulsar Star Device
  • Professional Grade: Water-proof, Dust-proof & Anti-vibration
  • Battery life Up To 5 years
  • Power supply 4 x AA batteries. No Cables Needed.
  • Size: Length: 72.69 mm, Width: 70.00 mm, Height: 29.76 mm.
  • Dual-Antenna, Reach Up To 262 foot / 80m
  • Power On / Off Button
PS Pro
Grow Your Business Today With Pulsar Star
Advertise Better. Faster. Easier. 
Connect With Passersby In A Whole New Way
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About Pulsar Star
The easiest, most elegant way to communicate with passersby and turn them into customers. 
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